There guide is written for Kindle Malaysia fans who appreciates the awareness & deliberate self- control over what you do in your lives and this extends to reading for free eBooks from Amazon Kindle Unlimited subscription.

By default, Amazon allows you to return the 10th oldest Kindle Unlimited eBook that you borrowed in your library to allow you to borrow the next 11th Kindle eBook from Amazon Kindle unlimited. You will usually be prompted by a friendly message to return an eBook before borrowing the next eBook.

The following 3 steps, shows you a more elegant way to manage & return your Amazon Kindle Unlimited eBooks from your Kindle device directly.

  1. From “Home“, tab on “Store”, and then tab on “Kindle Unlimited
  2. Tab “My Library
  3. Tab on “Return” to return a Kindle Unlimited eBooks. Always make it a habit to return Book No.10 in the library that also happens to be the oldest eBook being borrowed.

Then, you can proceed to borrow your next book from Kindle Unlimited again!

Kindle Unlimited

3 simple steps to manage & return Kindle Unlimited eBooks in your Kindle

Step 1, You may