Here’s a great news for EPUB  lovers; Kindle now supports EPUB format via the Send to Kindle function. This means that you can just send an EPUB file to your Kindle and it can be read immediately without any intermediary stage like converting it to MOBI first.

Make sure to put Email title Convert, when attaching ePub files to be emailed to your sent-to-Kindle email as screen below:

EPUB is actually the dominant ebook format, used by other software eReaders platforms such as Google Play, KOBO, Apple Books and others. MOBI, on the other hand, is mainly used by Amazon Kindle only. Amazon will soon depreciate MOBI ( and also its own proprietary format, AWZ); starting from the late of this year ( 2022), one will no longer be allowed to send files for these two formats to Kindle. But this change won’t affect the old MOBI files on your kindle.

The decision of Amazon to support EPUB and drop MOBI is a welcome change that brings on the standardization of ebook file formats based on a universal and open standard. Let’s hope that it can bring the much needed innovation in the space of ebook publishing and reading.

Despite this, one shouldn’t hope that one can easily read the books that one buys from KOBO bookstore on a Kindle easily, there is this ebook DRM protection , which prohibits you from doing so, in the name of preventing piracy and protecting the rights of the authors. It will take a while before different book publishers solve the interoperability issues, maybe.