Occasionally, kindle fans will ask us: “I am a book lover, I know that investing in a kindle is good for me in the long run.. however, the kindle is a bit pricey, and I am just a poor man starting working, can I pay by installment?”

For the longest time our answer has been an emphatic “No“, not because we can’t empathize with their situation, and certainly not because we are so full of ourselves that we want things to be done in our way, or no way ( we are not egomaniac, thank you very much).

It was all because our payment gateway took a gazillion years to process our application. And hence the delay and the inconvenience.

Thankfully, after a year or so in waiting, our payment gateway finally made the 0% installment plan available to our customers. So from today onward, you can buy Kindle with 0% interest installment!

Terms and Conditions:

A) We support Maybank credit card and Public credit card at the moment: 

Maybank Ezy Pay

Maybank Ezy Pay


Public Bank Zero% Payment

Public Bank Zero% Payment

This means that if you have Maybank or Public Bank credit card, you can enjoy 0% interest installment plan. Happy!

B) What if you don’t have Maybank or Public Bank card? 

You can still enjoy 0% interest installment plan, but your bank will charge you the interest rate of 4% per annum. Please call your own respective bank to arrange for 4% or higher interest rate charge to you in order to arrange for installment plan after you have placed your order at www.kindlemalaysia.com

Before you think that we are not trying hard enough with other banks, let us clarify that this is the norm: it appears that only Maybank and Public Bank fully support 0% installment, because if you go to other online merchants, same term applies.

C) You can choose 6 or 12 months Installment Plan, when the value of purchase is more than RM 500 but below RM1,000 for 6 months. 12 months 0% Installments for orders above RM1,000

So as long as you buy the most basic kindle, then you are already qualified for the installment plan!

How to select the 0% installment plan?

First, you have to select a product to buy ( of course!)

Then, pick Credit Card & 0% installments via iPay88 option

After you have Place Order on the page, on the next page, make sure you select Ezypay from the dropdown box, as shown below:


Then, you can start to select an installment plan and enjoy 0% interest!