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TabMiniC+Magnetic Case+Lamy, BOOX Page+Magnetic Cover, TabMiniC Device Only, Preloved BOOX Note3(64GB)+Stylus+Case, Mira 13.3 eInk Monitor, Tab Mini C + Magnetic Cover, BOOX Palma 6.13" Black, BOOX Palma 6.13" Black + Black Case, BOOX Palma 6.13" White + White Case, BOOX Palma 6.13" White, BOOX NoteAir3C + Magnetic Case, BOOX NoteAir3C + Magnetic Case + Lamy EMR Pen, BOOX NoteAir3C + Magnetic Case + Pen2Pro, BOOX NoteAir3C Only, BOOX Page 7" + Magnetic Black Cover, Preloved BOOX Nova3 7.8"(32GB) eReader+Case, Page (Device Only), BOOX NovaAir2+Magnetic Green Case, TabUltraCPro(128GB) Pen2Pro + Magnetic Keyboard Case + Magnetic Case, Tab Ultra(128GB) + Pen2Pro Device Only, Preloved Tab Ultra(128GB) Pen2Pro + Magnetic Case, TabX 13.3" (128GB)+Three-fold Case, Kindle Scribe(64GB)+PU Soft Leather+PremiumPen, TabUltraCPro Only, TabUltraCPro + Magnetic Case, TabUltraCPro + Magnetic Keyboard Case, Poke5 + Magnetic Case, BOOX Tab Mini C + Case + Lamy Stylus, BOOX Pen2Pro, BOOX NoteAir3 + Magnetic Cover, Preloved BOOX NoteAir+Magnetic Stylus