We are glad to announce the availability of Kindle 2019 Japanese edition.

What are the differences between Kindle Japanese and US edition?

For one, Kindle Japan is ordered directly from amazon.co.jp , whereas Kindle US is ordered directly from amazon.com. Thus you might see some Japanese localization on Kindle Japan, especially on the box set and during the initial configuration. However, the rest of the user experience shall exactly be the same with the US counterpart.

What about warranty? Of course you will need to send the respective kindles to their original locations for warranty processing purpose. However, as far as our kindle fans are concerned, they just have to send the kindles back to Kindle Malaysia and we will handle the rest.

The biggest selling points for Kindle Japan is the price; the Kindle Japan is RM 100 cheaper than Kindle US .

What else that matters if I am considering to get Kindle US or Kindle Japan?

When it comes to Warranty Claims, Kindle Malaysia (or any other seller) must converse in Japanese with Amazon Customer Support in Japan to initiate Amazon Standard warranty claim and send back to Japan on your behalf.

Actually, it doesn’t really matter at all what kindle you get, or from where you get it — it doesn’t really matter also whether you are getting it from us or from your friend in overseas.

What really matters is that you read, and you pass your reading habits to your future generation. Reading widens your perspective and makes you think critically. It’s a habit that will serve you well for all of your life.

Finally, an announcement:

We will be going to Penang to meet our Kindle fans in Penang next week Saturday (21/9/2019), at Summerton Coffee Bean. This is the first time we host our Kindle fan gathering in Penang!

Come to see for yourself the latest versions of kindles/Boox, while having coffees with other like-minded Kindle/Boox fans. It’s an excellent opportunity to catch up with other Kindle fans, and to know what they are reading.

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