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Why Kindle Fire?

Fully Enterprise Ready


  1. Check your work email
  2. Access Your corporate Network
  3. View Microsoft Office Files
  4. Apps to take care of your business
  5. Printing from Kindle Fire
  6. Keyboard and Mouse Support
  7. Mobile Device Management Compatibility
  8. Device Encryption
  9. VPN
  10. Single Sign-on
  11. Certificate Enrollment
  12. Whispercast service

Great for home use

kindle-fire-kindle-freetime-700x438 Great for kids to use at home, thanks to the freetime feature, which includes:

  1. Screen limits
  2. Setting to set priorities between reading, gaming and cartoons
  3. Kid friendly theme
  4. Individual profiles
  5. Control what your kids can access, and what they can’t.
  6. See our summary here!

Cheaper than iPad of comparable spec

For the price of 1 iPad mini retina, you can buy about 2 Kindle Fire HD.

Why buy from us?

RM100 complimentary value added service for free!

We will setup account for you so that you can start buying books, musics, apps and movies!




One year warranty, for free. No extra charge as long as it’s not your fault which breaks the device.

Deliver within 10 working days after receiving down-payment.


We immediately set to arrange your order once it is confirmed. We try to deliver as fast as possible, even though we have to source from the US.

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