Setup: How to Watch Amazon Videos using waystous router

waystous router is a specially configured router that baked in unlocator DNS, so that any devices– be it Kindle Fire, Chromecast, Fire TV that are connected to it can bypass the geo-location limitation set by streaming service providers.

ways2us router

To watch Amazon Prime and Amazon Instant videos using waystous router, you will need to setup it first. Here’s the setup guidelines:

1. Connect waystous router to your existing router using ethernet cable. Just connect the LAN port of the two routers together.

dlink lan port



2. Activate your unlocator account by logging into, make sure 3 green check marks



3. download a free instant video movie from here ( make sure there is no Prime Logo if you don’t have Prime membership) using your Amazon account from your computer.

amazon inistant video


4. You should be able to download a free instant video and you should be able to watch it inside your web browser. When you can do so, this means that your Amazon account and streaming router is fully set, and you are good to go!



5. Setup Fire TV or Kindle Fire HD ( HDX), and you should be able to watch Amazon Instant Video for free!


Watch Amazon Video using Fire TV in Malaysia

Some kindle Malaysia fans have been asking us lately: where is Fire TV, the latest offering from Amazon? And why we are not offering it the first thing Amazon put it up for sale?

> on April 2, 2014 in New York City.


Why why why why why??!!

The reason is, Fire TV is just a gateway to Amazon services and other US-based streaming services such as netflix, hulu etc. We don’t want to offer a piece of hardware that you can hardly use. So we have to figure out how to get Malaysians to use Fire TV to enjoy the first class video streaming facilities offered by Amazon before we can really introduce it to our fellow Malaysians. We first ordered ourselves a copy of Fire TV, and we wanted to see whether it really works or not, and if it does, what is required to get it to work.

At the end of the day, we did manage to get it to work! Here are the screenshots:




And here’s a screenshot from G I Joe ( Recognize The Rock?)


We managed to stream videos from Amazon Prime, Amazon Instant Videos and also Netflix!

Amazon Prime and Instant Videos open up new form of entertainment to Malaysians. Now, for those who want to try something new besides RTM programs and Astro programs, you have a third choice: Amazon Prime and Instant Videos. I know, I know, you can always download the latest episode from torrents and ppstream, for free. But I personally would eschew torrents and ppstreams and the likes due to ideological reasons: I want to pay the content producers they due. So, if you are like me, then Fire TV and Amazon streaming service is something that you can consider!

How to get it to work?

To setup Fire TV so that you can watch Amazon Prime videos,  here are things that you will need to do:

  1. Get Fire TV, and a waystous router
  2. Set them up according to the instruction here.
  3. And now you are ready to watch free instant videos!

Discount of the week: Kindle Fire RM 50 off, Kindle Paperwhite RM 20 off

April is always a month of reflection. For Chinese, we have Ching Ming (清明), a season to pay respect to our ancestors. For Christians, it is a month of the Good Friday and Easter Sunday, when they contemplate about the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

In both cases, people withdraw from their busy daily routines, and meditate about their past and future. One day, we are all going to die, by then, how do you want to be remembered? Have you prepared to meet your Maker? If you know that you don’t have eternity, what is stopping you from going forward and do whatever you want to do now?

It should also be a time of reading. Life is finite, and there is only so much you can experience in your lifetime. But reading can broaden your horizon, enable you to see things you don’t have the chance to see, experience things you don’t have the time to experience. Reading purifies one’s soul, and engages one with the great minds in the past. It also clarifies your thinking, and through a series of conversation with different authors, you can get a better sense of your purpose on this earth.

Therefore at the beginning of April, we at decides to promote reading. For Kindle Paperwhite fans, you now have RM 20 off the usual purchase price (KPW with ads, KPW without ads). For Kindle Fire fans, you now have RM 50 off the usual purchase price ( Kindle Fire HD, kindle fire HDX). Grab it while promotion last!


We feel good by giving Malaysiakini a brick

I was born in early 1980s, and by the time I can read, it was in late 80s and early 90s. It may be hard for the youngsters nowadays to imagine, but that was the time when all you have is government owned TVs, newspapers and radios. No alternative media, no facebook, no twitter and certainly no When I got on to the TV, all I had was TV1, TV2 and TV3. When I saw the newspapers, they were all the same; Sin Chew, Nanyang, Berita Harian, Utusan Malaysia & News Straits Times. Old days were certainly boring.

But I really love reading, so as my reading horizon expanded, I started to grow wary about government propaganda. People are made of different kind, and you can’t get everyone to like you, so why is it that everyone was uniform in praise of the ruling party? Could it be that our mainstream media censoring out dissenting voices?

Then Internet came along and was born. Finally a credible alternative news portal emerged, and we now had a second voice!  Malaysiakini was often at odds with the government, and it often painted a different picture from what the mainstream media painted. Suddenly, there is a competition of ideas, and the ruling party can never control the hearts of minds of the people. We now know better!

Supporting Malaysiakini is also supporting the freedom of speech. I support Malaysiakini for the same reason that I support freedom of speech, democracy and human rights.

So, when Malaysiakini announced that it needs a new home, we at quickly jumped in at this opportunity by sponsoring Malaysiakini a brick worth of RM 1000. We hope that we can make our country a better, and freer place. I also invite you to do the same, by buying a brick here.

me and wk at mkini


New Products from Amazon– Kindle Fire HDX

After many many months of waiting, finally, Amazon unleashes a new Kindle Fire model– the kindle fire HDX. And we at kindlemalaysia, is eager to deliver the Kindle Fire HDX to the hands of our fans as well. The ETA is 1/11/2013.

What is so special about this Kindle Fire HDX, as compared to the previous Kindle Fire generations?

As usual, Amazon always upgrades the hardware specs whenever a new generation comes up– in this case, we have–in 7” Kindle Fire HDX–”2.2-GHz, four-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 processor with three times the previous performance; Adreno 330 graphics with four times the previous performance; 1920-by-1200 display at 323 pixels-inch; 2GB of RAM; front-facing camera; redesigned case that’s thinner and 20 percent lighter, with power and volume buttons on the back.“ To put the number in context, the screen resolution is higher than Apple’s iPad. And the 100% RGB color means that the screen is less glaring, which is good if you want to read books on Kindle Fire.

Not only that, Kindle Fire HDX now has better enterprise support, such as Virtual Private Networking and Kerberos authentication. The point is, you can now bring your Kindle Fire to office, connect it to corporate WIFI network and start to download stuffs from company’s intranet, bring your Kindle Fire home and do some work on it, and then the next day, upload the files to your company’s intranet.

And the most important breakthrough for HDX comes in the form of “Mayday” support. You want to give your grandma a Christmas present, and as easy to use as a Kindle Fire is, she is still having some difficulty in navigating it. “Dear where is my email button?”, she calls you,  and you have to spend the rest of the afternoon walkthrough with her how to use Kindle Fire.

Now, Amazon introduces a “Mayday” button on your Kindle Fire HDX, your grandma can just simply tap the “Mayday” button to be connected for free to an Amazon expert who can co-pilot her through any feature by drawing on her screen, walking her through how to do something herself, or doing it for her—whatever works best. Mayday is available 24×7, 365 days a year, and it’s free.

Mayday button makes Kindle Fire HDX a perfect gift for your elderly.

If you would like to experience the next digital revolution spread-headed by Amazon, you can proceed to order a Kindle Fire HDX.

For Beginners: How to buy Kindle ebooks from Amazon from Malaysia

We posted on a guide on how a Malaysian to buy kindle ebooks from Amazon. Two years passed, and it’s time to give this status an update.

To be sure, our FREE guidelines & complementary services are still valid for  you to download FREE e-Books, Magazines, Music, etc from Amazon Store into your Kindle in Malaysia. But we understand that the Malaysian users are not satisfied with free stuffs only, we want to be able to buy kindle ebooks just like any other American citizens. We don’t want to be treated as third class citizens. So, at, as we are dedicated to  helping kindle fans enjoying the first class facility offered by Amazon, we actually spent many months into testing and refining a service. Thank God that finally we hit on a solution.

Yes, you can buy paid kindle books from Amazon, even though you have no presence in US. We will show you how below.

The key thing, it turns out, is to have an Amazon account with a valid US debit/credit card with US billing address. All Kindle Malaysia Fans who bought now obtains their Amazon Account with valid US Debit Card & US Billing Address as complementary service.

To purchase one-off and NON-Recurring contents from Amazon Store to your Kindle, you only need to purchase Amazon Gift Card at This process is done without any need for VPN, proxy or whatsoever as long as you have Amazon Gift Card value in your Amazon Account.

Alternatively, if you are a non-US citizen like most of us, Kindle Malaysia can assist you to get this valid US credit/debit card. This is a FREE service for kindle fans who purchase kindles from us. If you wish to obtain this Complementary Sservice from Kindle Malaysia, please bank RM100 to our Maybank Account: 512884060975  (Quantum Gadgets Enterprise) and send us your alternative email address that has NOT been used to register with Kindle Malaysia will register a new Amazon account for you, and you can start buying e-books from using Amazon Gift Card! You can buy Amazon Gift card from us, or from Amazon. No VPN required, you can just buy as usual. Please email for help on this.

One caveat: you have to make sure that your Amazon Account has Amazon Gift Card Value balance available when you buy e-books from As extra precaution, Kindle Malaysia will register for you a NEW Amazon account, with the valid US credit/debit card and US billing address attached to it.



There are so many kindle models, which one to buy?

There are only 2 types of Kindle for two (2) very distinctive type of people: 

a. Avid book readers

The following may be your major concerns:

- Download/transfer thousands of both free & paid e-books into an e-reader.

- Read e-books for days & night (with Built-in Light, up to 8 weeks) in a single charge

- Enjoy carrying an e-reader everywhere possible (from 170 grams only)

Recommendations - 3 options categorized as follows

Entry Level - Kindle | Mid Level - Kindle PaperWhite | Top Level - Kindle PaperWhite 3G

b. Multimedia junkie

The following may be your major concerns:

- Download/transfer thousands of most popular apps and games such as Facebook, Netflix, Twitter, and Angry Birds Space for yourself or kids

- View YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo! and more on stunning HD Display (1280×800) & Ultra-fast WiFi for Internet

- Take photos or making video calls using Skype, Facebook, and other app with front-facing HD camera

Recommendations - World’s most advanced 7″ tablet - Kindle Fire HD (16GB) with Kindle FreeTime — a free, personalized tablet experience just for kids. Set daily screen limits, and give access to appropriate content for each child

Father’s Day



We love moms. We all know how much they do for us and we are truly grateful to them for bringing us into this world, for nurturing us and loving us unconditionally. When all love fails, there is always the mom’s love which we can count on.

But less celebrated is Dad’s Love. Here’s a man, who seems to be capable of fixing the car, climbing up the trees, putting bread on the table, throwing tantrums at kids and doing everything under the sun.



Original source of the comic.

And here’s a man who provides you with your cloths, your tuition fees and make sure you are well fed.. until a day when you can make a living on your own. And then suddenly, you find that white hairs grow on him. His strength seems to be failing, and he has to wear a thick glass to recognize from you from afar when you return home.

You have grown in strength, but he has grown old. However like mom’s love, dad’s love also never grows old.

So, to celebrate the love of fathers, at we have decided to offer a deal:  Buy a Kindle Paperwhite 3G with Ads at the old price ( RM 880) to get a free case! This is a great offer, and it only lasts while the stock is available, or within the month of June, whichever comes first. So, get yourself a kindle, and a good glass, and give them to your father.

Tell him that you appreciate him.


Amazon Kindle Fire HD 8.9′ is coming to 170 countries, but not Malaysia

Last week, blogsphere and online news portals were blazing with news that Amazon was going to make big stride in some 170 countries by shipping Amazon Kindle direct. At the same time Amazon also announced that it is opening up it’s App Store to some 200 countries.

We the Kindle fans in Malaysia were also very excited with the development as this means that the Malaysians– after being sidelined for so long– are finally able to buy first class world products from Amazon. Hurrah!

But as we tried to order Kindle Fire and kindle Paperwhite from the Amazon store, we hit a stumbling block:


cannot buy kindle


It turned out that Amazon is not ready to ship to Malaysia, yet.

There is no news on when Kindle will be made available in Malaysia. So Kindle fans, keep your finger crossed.  In the mean time, you can still get kindle from The mission at is to allow Malaysians to buy Kindle painlessly without hassle, and we will make sure that you can still get a kindle from us, even though you can’t get it from Amazon.


New Products, New Screen Protectors

In the past, there were some kindle fans who would like to add more accessories to their beloved kindle. They asked: “why aren’t carrying screen protector? Isn’t screen protector an essential part of the whole kindle related products”?

Our answers had been: “well it is a nice addition to kindle, but we aren’t carrying it at this point of time”. Which is really a non-answer.

In fact, Kindle is a surprisingly resilient electronic gadget; I have accidentally spilled water on my kindle, dropped it from table and yet it still remained unscathed and fully functional.  And I have no accessories, no kindle case, no screen protector to protect it. It is just a bare device, and it travels with me from Malaysia to Europe to HK to Taiwan, I have been putting it in every kind of environment imaginable without any protection, and yet it is still functioning well.

However, finally, we have come to our sense that it is a good idea to sell screen protector to our kindle fans. So, starting from today, we are putting up pages screen protector page for Kindle Paperwhite and Kindle Fire! And, if you buy kindle bundled with accessories, you enjoy RM20% off for your screen protector, and that’s on top of the other discounts ( eg, see this Kindle Fire with stylish case page  and this kindle Paperwhite with Ads page). This is an offer we extend to our customers and we wish our readers happy reading!




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