Five years have passed, since this simple guide was posted to register a new (US) Account to download Free Kindle e-Books, Magazines, Music, etc from Amazon Kindle Store US into your Kindle device or Free Kindle App in Malaysia. To our surprise this guide has not only serves fellow Malaysians but friends of expats from Singapore, Brunei, Indonesia, Iran, Iraq, Bangladesh, India & Russia to be used in their respective countries to buy eBooks from Amazon US directly.

But we understand that the Malaysian users are not satisfied with free stuffs only, we want to be able to buy kindle eBooks just like any other American citizens. We don’t want to be treated as third class citizens. So, at, in the spirit of Malaysia Boleh, we have the solution for all Kindle Malaysia fans with no VPN, proxy setup etc.

Yes, you can buy paid kindle books, movies, music and apps and all the digital products from Amazon, even though you have no presence in US. We will show you how below.

The key thing, it turns out, is to have a valid Amazon US account with a valid US debit/credit card with US billing address. So if you already have such a valid US card, then kudos to you, you can start buying immediately. If you don’t, read on.

1. Setup a valid Amazon account to download free ebooks, movies, music and apps from Amazon digital store

For Kindle Malaysia Fans who buy kindle devices from, you will enjoy free service to register an Amazon Account with valid US Debit Card & US Billing Address on your behalf. This account allows you to buy free eBooks, free movies, free musics, free apps but not paid digital products .

Otherwise, you may join Kindle Malaysia Club Library, at nominal fee of RM10/month only here to enjoy Reading For Free over 1.3 Million Kindle eBooks from Amazon Kindle Unlimited. Please send us your alternative email address that has not been used to register with

2. How to start buying paid ebooks, movies, music and apps from Amazon digital store

 If you already have a valid Amazon account from step 1, then you only  need to purchase Kindle Malaysia Gift Card for the 1st time, in order to purchase one-off and NON-Recurring contents from Kindle Store in your Kindle device directly.

Yes, it is that simple. This process is done without any need for VPN, proxy or whatsoever as long as you have Kindle Malaysia Gift Card value in your Amazon Account.

Subsequently, you may buy new Amazon Gift Card top up with your own Malaysia Credit Card on a separate Amazon MY Account.

Important things to take note:

  1. you have to make sure that your Amazon Account has enough balance available when you buy e-books from We will not be held responsible of Amazon blocks your account on the grounds that you don’t have enough credit in your account.
  2.  Kindle Malaysia Gift Card doesn’t cover Amazon Prime— you are required to subscribe to Amazon Prime here.


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