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It turns out that  buying first few Chinese ebooks from Amazon China is considerably easier for Malaysians or for people outside of China; whereas you need US debit card to buy kindle ebooks from Amazon US.  Kindle Malaysia have successfully used Malaysia bank-issued Visa, Mastercard and Amex card to buy ebooks from amazon.cn.

In this post, the following are easy to start buying Chinese ebooks from Amazon China in Malaysia, even when you are outside China. You are free to enjoy your Chinese ebooks, anywhere and anytime once it is bought and downloaded into your Amazon Kindle device!

Take note:  Amazon.cn limits ebooks bought outside of China to 7 ebooks including paid or free Ebooks. When you reached the limit, please click here to chat with Amazon.cn to lift the limit. [Revision Sep 9, 2016] Amazon.cn seems to have lifted / removed the purchase limit from Kindle eBook purchase made outside of China now. 

Create an account at amazon.cn

  1. Use an alternative Email to create New Amazon China. It is highly recommended to use a different  email from your Amazon US account.
  2. Add your Malaysia Credit Card here and add a China address here, followed by confirming your credit card again. For example, UPS 北京分公司 – 麦子店, 北京市朝阳区麦子店枣营路甲3号, 首汽大厦三层, 邮编: 100125, 中国.
  3. Turn on 1-Click ordering here
  4. Lastly, go to manage my kindle here, to reconfirm & re-enter your Country of Residence under Country settings. This is important to inform Amazon.cn that you are from China.

Register a kindle device to your amazon.cn account.

For you to start buying at amazon.cn, you will definitely need to either have a kindle registered to your amazon.cn account, or  you need to have Kindle for PC ( or MAC) installed. Without which, you will not be able to even buy kindle ebooks.

register your kindle first

Start buying!

After you register your device, you can now go to your kindle selection and start buying. You should be able to see the “立刻购买” option. If you don’t see it, most likely you don’t have your Kindle Geographical Location set to China. Please refer to the above steps on how to do it.

buy immediately



The buying succeeded! You can now see your ebooks appear in your Kindle device.

amazon cn


amazon cn 2

Now you can start to enjoy kindle ebooks from Amazon Chinese as well.

Want to have this guide available in Chinese? Please refer here. 

PS: as Amazon China is still new to us, we are still testing this out. Do let us know if you have luck with our tips or not.

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